Quick Look: Job Situation in Los Angeles, 2012

For the Los Angeles job hunter, all seems futile at various points in the recession. There are long lines of hope outside of each career fair, day labor sign-up and interview room, but to the desperate Angelino who has been unemployed for a month (or more in most cases), the unemployment situation is taken very personally.

In California, the unemployment rate dropped 5 percentage points from 11.7% to 11.3% in November. Positive fodder for the Congressional barnyard maybe. Looking back at November 2010 when it was at 12.5%, California has come a long, thankful way while still standing tall over the national unemployment rate of 8.6%.

But Los Angeles lingers at 11.9%. The same time last year, it was at 12.9%.

So what are Angelinos to do?

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